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God speaks the world into being, by His Word, by His Son. What do we do, then, when we hear words we can’t stomach?

Sagebrush is a word of God that evokes desolation, loneliness, and drought. On even deeper levels it speaks of fruitlessness, the bitterness of exile, and of apostasy. The closer one bends his ear towards the sagebrush, the starker and grimmer the story. So, too, with certain places in the church, where some of the branches on the vine have become so dedicated to fruitlessness that they install as Bishop of New Hampshire an open homosexual, Gene Robinson.

On a drive through Eastern Washington, the author finds himself surrounded by the giant sagebrush, the dry land it grows in, and the brazen sky above it. Wondering at the story God is telling in the desert—in both Eastern Washington and New Hampshire—he drives farther, because the God who raises the dead never lets death have the final word. (120 pages/paperback/perfect bound) 

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Rain From a Rainless Sky: $10